Liveable Cities Design Challenge is an annual urban planning and design competition for cities. Cities may choose from among the focus areas of the Challenge to design an entry for their city. Cities are required to establish competition teams headed by the Mayor and composed of city officials and local resources (citizens, professionals, and universities) from within their city. Cities may also tap into a roster of mentors developed by the Liveable Cities Philippines for additional expertise. Entries will be judged by a panel of experts and finalist.

Last October 15, 2014, the Final Conference and Awards Ceremony of the Design Challenge was held in Philippine International Convention Center. Approximately 160 people (cities, government agencies, private sector representatives, development partners) attended the event and the following cities were recognized as the winners and finalists:


Winner of the City Government/Evacuation Center Category:  Cagayan de Oro City
Finalists for the City Government/Evacuation Center Category:  Valenzuela City, Zamboanga City, Roxas City
Winner for the APEC Meeting Venue Category:  Iloilo City
Finalists for the APEC Meeting Venue Category:  Legazpi City, Cebu City

For the presentation panels of the Cities, you may check them out at our Gallery. While the audio-visual presentations are accessible at Liveable Cities Philippines youtube channel.

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